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In our business, timber is at the heart of virtually everything we do. We source sustainably and are proud to be a Carbon Neutral business.

Keeping it Green

Sustainable Timber

The beauty of timber is that, managed properly, it is a fully sustainable resource. In our business, timber is at the heart of virtually everything we do. So, we’re proud to say that the majority of the timber we use is from trees grown in the UK and is cut in our very own sawmill, helping us to make sure that every piece is handled properly and waste is eliminated as much as possible.

Every process from responsible purchasing (EUTR), debarking, machine rounding, profiling and manufacturing is undertaken with the precision and attention to detail you would expect from a modern company.

To back up our commitment to sustainability, we make sure that the timber we use is fully certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®, with the vast majority of our products carrying the FSC® logo.  This means that our timber is officially recognised as coming from sustainable, responsibly managed forests that are replanted for future generations.

Of course, as with any wood product, there is always a certain amount of raw material that cannot be used in products – shavings, offcuts and so on. Even here, we’ve taken steps to reduce the amount of waste that naturally occurs in timber processing. We’ve invested over £3 million in a dedicated recycling and biomass facility at our M&M Timber site in Worcestershire and our Sawmill in Lockerbie, which takes scrap wood and converts it into biomass material. This, in turn, is used to create heat for the kilns that dry wood on site prior to pressure treatment. As the kilns previously used red diesel, this has significantly reduced our carbon emissions. It’s just one more example of how our whole business is organised to minimise our impact on the environment.

By using timber that is predominately UK-grown and sawn – and processing sites that are close to the point of production – we minimise our transport needs and supply lines. Plus, wherever possible, we seek to source all our materials and components from the UK.

M&M Timber’s responsibility to the environment doesn’t stop there, to maximise the longevity of serviceable life and minimise the amount of timber harvested, all products after processing and selection are pressure treated to appropriate target specifications under BS8417 using modern copper organic wood preservatives.


We Are Now Carbon Neutral!

We are excited and proud to be a carbon-neutral business. We work with Carbon Neutral Britain™, the UK’s leading carbon offsetting initiative provider to allow us to offset our environmental impact. By offsetting our carbon footprint by funding projects to remove CO² from the atmosphere, we balance out our emissions to become what is known as carbon neutral.

We are working with renewable projects such as the carbon-neutral Britain Woodland Fund™ which in addition to climate fund projects, supports reforestation, deforestation prevention and woodland management projects, with a strong focus on having a positive impact on the local wildlife, ecology and biodiversity

Carbon Neutral Business

For more than 40 years, M&M Timber has built its reputation on the manufacture and supply of quality timber products to a wide range of businesses across the UK. Timbers are used in a variety of applications from agricultural fencing to creative play areas.

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