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SolarGuard - Long Life Fencing for Solar Installations solarguard-logo

M&M Timber offer a range of solar perimeter fencing solutions providing long life performance.

The SolarGuard range has been designed and manufactured to provide timber solutions for solar farm installations.

Solar farm installations are often spread over large areas of open land, located miles from any public areas and therefore can be vulnerable to theft and vandalism, as well as to damage caused by incursions of wildlife such as deer. With solar panels and equipment being a prime target for theft the M&M Timber's SolarGuard range of fencing offers that higher level of protection for installations.

The M&M Timber SolarGuard range includes machine round and peeled posts.

• Natural looking secure fencing solution
• 4 way pointed posts for ultimate stability
• Posts tagged for traceability
• Bulky specification helps to deter theft
• Treated timber with Tanalith E wood preservative
• 15 and 30 year service life warranty

A leading supplier of fencing timbers for more than 30 years, M&M Timber have invested heavily in specialised manufacturing and processing plant to ensure our products reflect the latest in technological advances and remain at the forefront of an increasingly changing market.

SolarGuard posts feature incisions for increased protection - a virtual 'zone of confidence' - at the critical area where the post is at most risk of decay. The incisions allow deeper penetration of the Tanalith E wood preservative to provide more effective and consistent protection.

The treatment Tanalith E wood preservative is offered with a 15 year warranty on the SolarGuard range which includes strainers and rails.   Furthermore, with three times the life-span of conventional fencing timbers, the natural looking SolarGuard offers real economy in terms of renewable fencing labour costs and materials.

For extreme conditions, a 30 year warranty option is available on the SolarGuard range.

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