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Outdoor Pergolas

The M&M Timber Modular Pergola range is available up to 20m wide and in depths of 2m, 3m, 4m & 6m. The standard pergola can be purchased with additional two roof options, to convert the pergola into a polycarbonate roofed or fabric roofed shelter offering protection from the elements.

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Outdoor Pergolas

The M&M Timber Modular Pergola range is supplied up to lengths of 20m and four depth options of 2m, 3m, 4m and 6m. The timber roof has two add on options that can be selected, chose from either a Polycarbonate roof or a Fabric roof to create shelter from sun and rain.

  • Made using our premium grade PlayGuard© timbers
  • Available in 2m, 3m, 4m & 6m depths
  • CAD modelled up to 20m length, however available in any meter incremental length
  • Standard timber roof with two additional options, polycarbonate or fabric
  • Available with standard timber legs option, or the alternative steel feet option
  • Multitude of infill panels and seating available for inside and around the pergola shelter

Selecting Your Outdoor Modular Pergola

1. Decide on the Pergola size you require, the depth options are 2m, 3m, 4m or 6m.

2. Choose the type of legs to secure the Pergola, either standard timber legs, or the alternative steel feet option.

3. If you would like an add on roof option for your Pergola, select either the Polycarbonate or Fabric roof option.

4.  Confirm the length of the Pergola required starting from 2m up to 20m.

M&M Timber Outdoor Modular Pergola

Product Specification Sheets

Select the length and depth required from the table and click on the product code to download the Pergola Production Information sheet. This includes the options for leg, roof and infill panels.

2 Metre
3 Metre
4 Metre
6 Metre
2 Metre long PPS0007-A PPS0026-A PPS0045-A PPS0064-A
3 Metre long PPS0008-A PPS0027-A PPS0046-A PPS0065-A
4 Metre long PPS0009-A PPS0028-A PPS0047-A PPS0066-A
5 Metre long PPS0010-A PPS0029-A PPS0048-A PPS0067-A
6 Metre long PPS0011-A PPS0030-A PPS0049-A PPS0068-A
7 Metre long PPS0012-A PPS0031-A PPS0050-A PPS0069-A
8 Metre long PPS0013-A PPS0032-A PPS0051-A PPS0070-A
9 Metre long PPS0014-A PPS0033-A PPS0052-A PPS0071-A
10 Metre long PPS0015-A PPS0034-A PPS0053-A PPS0072-A
11 Metre long PPS0016-A PPS0035-A PPS0054-A PPS0073-A
12 Metre long PPS0017-A PPS0036-A PPS0055-A PPS0074-A
13 Metre long PPS0018-A PPS0037-A PPS0056-A PPS0075-A
14 Metre long PPS0019-A PPS0038-A PPS0057-A PPS0076-A
15 Metre long PPS0020-A PPS0039-A PPS0058-A PPS0077-A
16 Metre long PPS0021-A PPS0040-A PPS0059-A PPS0078-A
17 Metre long PPS0022-A PPS0041-A PPS0060-A PPS0079-A
18 Metre long PPS0023-A PPS0042-A PPS0061-A PPS0080-A
19 Metre long PPS0024-A PPS0043-A PPS0062-A PPS0081-A
20 Metre long PPS0025-A PPS0044-A PPS0063-A PPS0082-A

DOWNLOAD the Outdoor Pergola Product Range summary and product codes

If you have any questions whilst selecting an Outdoor Modular Pergola please contact a member of the PlayReady team on 0333 777 7892 or email sales@mmtimber.co.uk


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