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Wood is a versatile and cost effective building material combining natural strength with sustainability. Modern softwoods are responsibly grown and managed for use in construction, fencing and leisure applications. Being a natural material, made from cells of sugar and fibre, softwood timbers can be susceptible to rot and decay organisms as well as insect attack. Modern wood preservatives are designed to make the most of and protect softwood timbers in a wide variety of end uses, but particularly those in high hazard applications such as in ground contact (UC4 - Use Class 4 – EN 335).

Modern copper organic wood preservatives are designed to be factory applied in large pressure treatment vessels called autoclaves. The wood preservatives are forced deep into the vulnerable sapwood cells of the softwood timbers under a proven high pressure treatment process. The resulting preservative treated timbers are high performance products with assured long term protection against decay and insect attack.Treat-right-logo

M&M branded timbers

M&M branded treated timbers are either selected and kiln dried prior to the preservative treatment process for full sapwood penetration as in the Unilog Pro and Playguard range, or incised before treatment to allow a superior penetration of preservative and create a specific ‘zone of confidence’ at ground contact level as in the Agricised fencing products. Our Agricised timbers are also surfaced incising using EXCALIBUR incising technology. This allows a deeper and more consistent penetration of wood preservative into this important ‘zone of confidence’.

The diagrams below explain the tried and tested preservative high pressure treatment process.


The quality of our preservative treatment process is recognised through the Arch Treat-Right accolade. Our Agricised products are also Wood Protection Association (WPA) Benchmark accredited as a high performance product.


Only timber that has been pressure treated with TANALITH wood preservative can be referred to as TANALISED timber – a worldwide renowned brand for high performance treated timbers.
M&M use TANALITH E wood preservative in all our treatments. TANALITH E is a tried and tested copper based wood preservative from Arch Timber Protection with high performance credentials, particularly for ground contact timbers. The next generation TANALITH E we use also incorporates patent pending BARamine technologies. BARamine brings advanced distribution of the preservative into the timbers as well as helping to protection against certain copper tolerant brown rots which can attack timber and produce even more assured TANALISED timbers.tanalised-and-BARamine

TANALISED timber is a proven and safe construction material. See below to view the current Treated Timber User Guide.



Approved by the Biocidal Products Regulations, Ensele Tanalised End Grain Preservative offers added protection against fungal and insect attack of exposed cross-cut, notched or drilled surfaces of M&M treated timbers. Available from M&M in re-sealable 1kg and 5kg containers, Ensele is easily applied by brush and blends perfectly with the natural green colouration of Tanalised treated timbers. See below for leaflet and specification

Biocidal Products Regulation
In compliance with the Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR) (EU 528/2012) Article 58 - CLICK HERE to see information on the biocidal contents and use of TANALISED treated timber containing TANALITH E wood preservative.

Use Wood Preservatives Safely. Always read the label and product information before use.